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Hula Songs @ The Elms

Burlingame Multicultural Festival

Kiwanis Farmers Market in Redwood City

San Carlos Farmers Market

Best Songs @ The Elms

Doo Wop @ The Elms

Take Me To The Tiki Bar with Tiki Dave

Jazz Jam with Ukulenny!

Beatles Meetup @ Belmont Library

All I Want for Christmas is Uke Meetup @ Belmont Library

Hawaii Meetup @ the Belmont Library

Hula Songs Rehearsal @ Linda’s house

Simon & Garfunkel Flea Street Band Rehearsal @ Larry’s house

Bluegrass Meetup @ Rustic House Restaurant

Glenn’s Music Theory Workshop, Part 1

Ukulenny’s Beatles PUGs Meetup

Tiki Dave’s PUGs Meetup

Amelia’s Syncopated Strum Patterns Workshop

Steve Kritzer’s Strum Workshop PUGs Meetup

Music Theory Workshop by Curtis

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