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2024 Playlists

Adult Community Center Luncheon

January 12, 2024

Steve Kritzer Workshop

January 27, 2024

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2023 Playlists

Leftovers!! Songs We Never Got To.

January 2023

Beatles with the Band!

February 2023

Let’s Play Jazz Songs with Ukulenny!

March 2023

Take me to the Tiki Bar with Tiki Dave

April 2023

Elms 1

May 2023

Doo Wop Uke

May 2023

Steve Kritzer Strumming Workshop

June 2023

Best Songs Ever

July 2023

Elms 2

July 2023

The Great 60’s Folk Scare

August 2023

Burlingame Multicultural Festival

September 2023

Kiwanis Farmers Market

September 2023

San Carlos Farmers Market

September 2023

Funky Strum with Ukulenny

September 2023

Hula Songs

October 2023

Elms 3

October 2023

Ukulele Soul: R&B of the 60’s & 70’s

November 2023

Rocky Mountain Christmas

December 2023

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2022 Playlists

“That’s Good Advice” Songs

February 2022

Sentimental Journey: Revisiting the Great American Songbook

June 2022

Bluegrass and John Prine

July 2022

Best of Simon & Garfunkel

September 2022

PUG goes Hawaiian!

October 2022

I’ve Got A Name: Songs with Proper Names

November 2022

All I Want for Christmas is Uke

December 2022